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"Awwwww, who's my little girl? Mmmmm? Who's my widdle itty bitty baby girl?"
    Vespa groaned.
    "Shh," the Queen said, "I am talking to the baby. The cutest, ootest, ickliest little baby there ever was. Awww, isn't she just adorable?"
    Vespa sighed and pressed a hand against her forehead. She brushed an antenna away from her eyes.
    "No, mother," she said, "She is a horrible slimy little purple larvae who is currently..."
    She paused, and patted around her hips. A little pocket watch had been hooked around her waist by a metal chain. She popped it open and examined the time with some difficulty.
    "Who is currently six minutes late for her assigned placement in the East refinement plant, because someone has been gurgling at her all this time instead of handing her over."
    "I am not gurgling
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Temping Exceprt
"You're sure about the hospital, love?"
    Rachel frowned. She was very sure about the hospital, and very sure she didn't like being called "love".
    "Very," she said, "Just here will be fine," she said, nodding towards the pavement.
    The driver shrugged, and pulled the car over. There was a long awkward pause as they both tried, in their heads, to figure out how Rachel was going to get out of the car. Eventually, when it became evident that the driver had no better idea of how to get her out than she did, she started squeezing herself out. It wasn't much like getting out of a car normally- it was more like taking off a slightly baggy sweater. The taxi driver was so bewildered by the sight of her doing so, and then waddling off afterwards, that he completely forgot to charge her.
    That was at least one thing going her way.
    Unfortunately there were at least half a dozen thing
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Mature content
Strange Lady :icondarien-shields:Darien-Shields 55 22
Buck Hammer, Nazi Slammer
  Lightning flashed.
      For the tiniest fraction of a second the whole room was
  cast in a blinding white light, carving out every detail in a frozen moment.
  Alice Brown's eye took in all it needed in that moment- the lay of the stairs,
  the guard's eyes gazing in the wrong direction, and the door sitting just an
  inch ajar. 
      Thunder boomed.
      It had been less than a second. The stormhead had broken
  right over the castle. Alice wasn't sure whether that should be a surprise or
  not, and whether it was good news or bad news. The guards were distracted by
  the weather, which definitely worked in her favour. A little over an hour ago
  there had been a diving screech and an explosion as some aircraft tumbled
  through the maelstrom and collided catastrophically with the ground. Half the
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Succession Block 8
Block 8:
Thunder boomed outside as a bolt of lightning illuminated the room. A shiver ran up Starfire's back as the thunder continued to roll overhead, sounding for all the world like something colossal charging about the heavens. As the sound died away, the heavy patter of the rain against the tower came back into earshot.
“Ooooh, I do not know how you can stand it, Raven.” the Tamaranian moaned, wringing her fingers again.
Starfire stood in front of the window, too anxious to rouse her power of flight. Raven assumed she had at least mustered enough 'righteous fury' to improve her strength, as lifting her weight otherwise ought to have been impossible. * She paced back and forth, stomach swaying from side to side because of her waddle, staring out towards the city.
Every flash of lightning cast her immense shadow across the room, made even huger by the projection. It looked like a beluga whale running across their walls whenever her curves were cast against them.
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Mature content
Succession Block 7 :icondarien-shields:Darien-Shields 67 2
Succession Block 6
Block 6:
A shadow swept through the mall. The stark daylight streaming through the glass roof seemed to stop short of the ground, as a thick blackness lay over everything in a twenty food wide dome. The darkness charged quickly along the halls, skirting over benches, shop-fronts, and shoppers alike. They were reduced to dull outlines in the shade, all colour and tone swallowed up. All emerged from the other side untouched, but more than a little confused.
    The crowd kept its distance as best as possible, no jaw left un-dropped. Some seemed scared, many confused, but almost all of them had their cellphones out, dialling as quietly as they could.
    “Umm, Raven...” Starfire whispered.
    The golden alien drifted amidst the shadows, her body one of the only things still visible in the sprawling shadow, her brilliant orange skin all but blotted out by it.
    There was no answer, but the processi
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Succession Chapter 5
Chapter 5:
Raven's alarm clock rung incessantly. The little thing rattled off in the corner of her room, demanding attention. Its owner frowned furiously. Why was it going off already? She had already moved it forward twice this week to allow her a little more sleep. It should have been going off over an hour late...
    Darkness crawled out from within her bed and snatched it up. Rather than gently turning it off, the shadows wrapped it up and crushed it, sending cracks along the glass face and bending the hands out of shape. Its annoying ring trailed off pathetically. The shadows released it, dropping an almost unrecognisable hunk of chewed up metal on her bedside table.
    Raven smiled, and snuggled deeper into her covers. That's what the stupid clock got for being too early, anyway, she thought to herself. Now she could just have a few more hours of leisurely sleep before she had to do anything...
Not that she had much to do these days. She
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Succession Chapter 4
Chapter 4:
The metal head of the scanner glided smoothly over the thinly gelled surface of Starfire's belly. She giggled slightly as the cold device ran across her skin. Now covered in the lubricating gel, her stomach reflected the stark lights of the infirmary. Her abdomen now, more than ever, looked as if it really was gold, Raven mused from her position in the shadows.
It had now rounded out fully, looking much like a sphere that had been welded into her body. It was a perfect smooth curve, spare for her navel, which had now poked out completely, and stood to attention at the very peak of the bump. She hadn't developed any stretch marks- they weren't even sure if Tamaranians could, but her skin was a slightly darker shade of gold due to her long sunbathing sessions.
Robin looked into the sonogram screen again, uncertain quite what he was looking for.
“I have to admit, when Cyborg built us a sonogram, I really didn't expect to use it... not for this, anyway.” he explained.
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Succession Chapter 3
Chapter 3:
Starfire yawned sleepily as the electronic doors to the common room slid open. The Tamaranian glided through gently, exercising her power of flight ever so slightly. Behind her sleepy exterior a whisper of joy echoed in her heart, awakening the alien power. She scratched her stomach lazily.
    It had only been a matter of weeks but she was already clearly pregnant. A healthy orange bulge of flesh was blooming from her middle, smoothely curving out. It had yet to take on a truly spherical shape, but was trying its best. Her belly button, now peeking out of its place, was just above the apex of the bulge, and sliding a little closer every day. It quickly became the focus of her scratching.
    The princess had understood when her orange skin and green eyes drew quite a lot of attention in public at first, but she was even further surprised by how her stomach now drew even more attention. Something about the “teen pregnancy” as
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Succession Chapter 2
Chapter 2:
“Is it really safe for her to be flying through space in her condition?” Raven sighed in her usual monotone voice.
As the sleek orange craft cruised through space, stars sliding by it, Starfire flew outside, cartwheeling and somersaulting around the ship with unbound glee. It felt somewhat like being in a submarine surrounded by a playful pod of dolphins. The princess had been in a similar mood since the morning, when she emerged from the royal chamber with even more grins and giggles than usual, despite how little sleep she seemed to have gotten.
“She sure as heck ain't getting in my ship and coverin' it in acid puke.” Cyborg shouted through the intercom.
The Titans had awoken to find one half of the Royal Palace bubbling fiercely as it melted under a tide of Blackfire's vomit. The princess had apparently succeeded in becoming pregnant, not only that, she had become violently pregnant. Tamaranian morning sickness apparently involved granite-dissolving bi
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Succession Chapter 1
Chapter 1:
“Are we ready yet?” Beast Boy moaned. The green skinned youth sat, laying back, in one of the five cockpits of the odd orange vehicle.
    “Do you have any idea how hard this is?!” an angry shout returned. The clunking of metal feet heralded Cyborg's approach from underneath the vessel. The teen towered over Beast Boy, even standing below the ship. His body was covered in thick black and metal plates, with luminous azure pieces. The most visible parts of his dark skin were on his face, most of which remained human, barring his red left eye, and the plate attached to it.
    “It's a submarine. And we want to take it into space. That's not a one-hour job!” Cyborg yelled.
    Beast Boy rolled his eyes. “Duuuh. But like, it's just the same, dude. There's no gravity underwater, and there's no air in space! You can't have to change that much.”
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Water Tribe Represent
"They're not going to kick, you know?"
    "Aww, c'mon. Just once. For daddy." Sokka said, shifting his hand around and speaking to the children inside.
    Suki giggled. "It's too soon."
    Sokka opened his mouth and said a very stupid thing. But before the stupid thing is written, it is important to understand just why he said it.
    Suki was huge. Huge is often considered to be one simple word, but this is in fact wrong. "Huge" is simply the pronunciation of several different words which have similar meanings. She was not, for instance, "huge" as in ten feet tall, or with hands big enough to crush a grown man's skull. She was not "huge" as in enormously fat either. She was that special sort of "huge" that refers specifically to pregnant women. This might be grounds for misunderstanding, however. Because there are two words, both spelled and pronounced "huge" which refer to a very big pregnant wo
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The Air Nomads
Katara grinned.
    There are infectious grins, and then there are potentially epidemic level grins. This was the latter, the sort that had the potential to leap from person to person in the space of seconds and infect entire continents. As it was, the only person close enough to catch was her husband.
    Aang grinned too.
    And then, he leaned over and poked her.
    "Aang!" she said, slapping his finger away.
    The Avatar grinned again, although this was a substantially less virulent one. "But I want to feel it." he said.
    She sighed, but went on smiling. Aang had grown up. Physically he had grown up a lot. She remembered the day, years ago, when she had pulled him out of the ice. She had towered over him then. Now the situation was reversed, and she rested her shoulders against his chest, while he touched his cheek to her forehead. He had grow
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Mature content
Metroid : Osmosis Second Half :icondarien-shields:Darien-Shields 242 44
Mature content
Metroid : Osmosis First Half :icondarien-shields:Darien-Shields 322 44


Mayternity Through Time - Ancient Egypt by idleHQ
Mature content
Mayternity Through Time - Ancient Egypt :iconidlehq:idleHQ 771 32
Insert coin to continue by MaBeelZ
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Insert coin to continue :iconmabeelz:MaBeelZ 1,410 26
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Hey guys! Been a little while, but we've got a new Seeds of Fate demo out!

You can find all the links & info here:…

Or, if you don't mind sitting through a half dozen seperate deviantART checks for leaving the site...

Here're seperate links:
Dropbox Download:…
Mediafire Download (mirror):…
Bug Thread:…
Balance Thread:…

There's a whole mess of new content and new features. Sadly, as previously stated you cannot use savegames from the previous demo. There are also a number of bugs, sadly, which we haven't been able to work out.

If you guys can help us out by posting here or, preferably on the forums with any bugs or balance issues you encounter, or any feedback in general, go ahead!

ALSO: just going to say this now because a lot of people have commented on it. In the stealth section in the desert base DASHING will alert the guards to your presence. You have wo WALK to sneak around them. Sorry this isn't well explained in the game itself, we'll look at it for the next release.



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